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Hydrothermal Vent Communities

At hydrothermal vents, chemosynthetic bacteria have evolved to convert dissolved chemicals into the energy needed in order for life to flourish. Thus, these vents represent one of the only places on the planet where life relies not on sunlight for energy, but on the Earth itself.

Into the Abyss: Chemosynthetic Oases (Full Movie)

Into the Abyss: Chemosynthetic Oases (Full Movie)


The deep ocean floor is a place that appears entirely devoid of life. With minimal resources, no sunlight, and only a slow trickle of nutrients making its way down here as 'marine snow', life must find unique ways to exist in the depths. Food is scarce, and with very little energy, survival in the depths is a challenge for any creature. There are some locations in the deep that life has clung to for millions of years, and where food and energy is ever abundant.

the unique life of deep sea vents