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The Whisper of the Woods
Natural World Facts

The Whisper of the Woods

I shot this on location in the UK's New Forest National Park, a haven of wild heaths and ancient woodlands, sheltering an oasis of wildlife. I visit the woods quite often - once a week, if I'm able - but year by year I can see the biodiversity wane. This short film aims to highlight the issue of habitat and biodiversity loss in the UK due to industrialisation, climate issues, and pollution. It also serves as a prelude to an upcoming series filmed in the New Forest, covering British Wildlife from life in the waterways to the log piles and the treetops. Written, filmed and narrated by Leo Richards. Filmed on location in the New Forest National Park, UK. To celebrate National Poetry Day (6th October) and this year's theme of 'The Environment' I have collaborated with @Ecoflix to run a #WriteForTheWild poetry competition! I hope this film inspires you to grab a pen and take part. Read how below. About Ecoflix: Ecoflix is the world's first not-for-profit media group dedicated to wildlife and conservation storytelling. This is not a sponsorship, but a collaboration. I'm very excited to be working with them on a few upcoming projects :D Check out Ecoflix here: How to Get Involved: All you have to do is write a short poem about the environment and send us a photo of the poem which we will share to our social media channels! Feel free to get creative and share your poems as part of a wildlife drawing too! Check out my poem in this video for inspiration. I chose to touch upon the issue of biodiversity loss as our country's wild havens continue to be ravaged by agriculture, industry, and a disregard for the fragility and importance of nature that seems to plague the population. Please share your submissions to Instagram and tag @ecoflixofficial and @naturalwfacts to have them shared. The deadline for submissions will be the 16th October, with the winner announced shortly after. The winner will receive a 1 year subscription to Ecoflix for themselves or their family, plus for another friend or family too! :D #nationalpoetryday #wildlife #nature #artlistcreativefest
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