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Deep Sea Invertebrates

The deeper you dive beneath the waves, the larger the invertebrates become. This demonstrates the phenomenon of deep sea gigantism.


Cephalopods of the Deep

Out of all 8,000 living species of marine invertebrates in the oceans, by far the largest, most deadly and most intelligent are the cephalopods.

Cnidarians of the Deep

The phylum Cnidaria contains around 13,000 living species. Surprisingly simple, yet beautiful organisms, which come in a vast array of shapes and colours.

Crustaceans of the Deep

Of all the animal groups on Earth, the crustaceans are by far the most successful. They are so diverse that they are often called the insects of the oceans.

Echinoderms of the Deep

Starfish, sea cucumbers and urchins make up the echinoderms. Creatures that play key roles in supporting the ecology of the marine world.

Polychaete Worms

In the deep sea, there is one group of organisms that has become specialised in unexpected ways in order to survive. The bristly polychaete worms.


Siphonophores and Pyrosomes are colonies of tiny organisms called zooids. They are one of nature's most remarkable creatures.

The Giant Squid

The giant squid lurks down in the dark depths of the deep sea. The enormous eyes of the giant squid and sharp-toothed suckers make this a formidable predator.

The Vampire Squid

With its deep red colour, icy blue eyes, and webbed tentacles that resemble a cape, the vampire squid is a unique deep sea cephalopod.

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