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Deep Sea Adaptations

To survive in the abyss, life has to overcome some extreme challenges. Thus, we find creatures with peculiar morphologies and astounding adaptations. Let's take a look.


Deep Sea Symbiosis

Nowhere on Earth are creatures more uniquely adapted to relying on others than in the deep sea - a world of darkness, cold, and intense pressure. Let’s dive in, and take a closer look at the incredible role of symbiosis in the deep sea ecosystem.


Bioluminescence in the deep sea is a natural phenomenon present in many deep dwelling species. The twinkling, flashing, pulsating lights are the result of a chemical reaction that produces light energy within the body of an organism.

Abyssal Gigantism

Creatures of the deep sea seem to follow a certain trend; many of them appear far larger than their relatives from the shallows, and exhibit a phenomenon known as Abyssal Gigantism.

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