An Introduction to the Deep Sea


As a species, we are driven by a desire to understand and make sense of the universe around us. We identify and classify every animal we find, we have landed people on the moon and sent probes into deep space to uncover the secrets of the cosmos. We have photographed the surface of other planets, and witnessed our own blue planet as a speck in the distant infinity of space.


Despite all this, we still have explored just 5% of Earth’s oceans. Most of that knowledge lies in shallow waters, while the depths beneath remain a mystery. To this day, we have caught only glimpses of the weird and wonderful life that thrives in the sunless world of bottomless trenches, and endless deserts punctuated with islands of activity. Every discovery challenges and re-builds our understanding, from phenomena like deep sea gigantism driving unique adaptation in deep sea life, to alien-like ecosystems, full of life-forms unlike any others we have encountered.