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Hi! A little about me...

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Finally introducing myself as one of the more recent contributors on this site! I’m Izzy, a first-year Marine Biology student with an interest in writing and nature - specifically the ocean, as you may have already guessed!

I adore my degree, but over time I realised my love of writing remained as strong as it did when I was younger. And with a bit of research I knew I could combine my two interests together and potentially pursue a career in wildlife media; to kickstart this, I was lucky enough to get into contact with Leo of Natural World Facts, who gave me the wonderful opportunity to write here.

I also recently discovered a newfound love for photography, I was always taking any chance to take photos on my phone throughout my teenage years but more recently I decided to take this more seriously, looking into it further, purchasing some film cameras to begin with and later down the line I intend to combine my photos with my writing in a portfolio.

I am currently also at the beginning of my Scuba diving training with my university and BSAC- this equal parts scares and excites me!

On a different note, some small facts about me: I love peep show and tattoos and I have a deaf cat.

I’d love to hear some more about the people that interact with my posts since I’m so new here! Let me know some things about yourselves in the comments too!

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