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Watch the Trailer for our Upcoming Immersive Film

Featuring footage from OceanX and the Ocean Exploration Trust, 'Into the Abyss' is an upcoming short film that puts you at the helm of a deep sea submersible.

What you'll explore:


The Oceanic Zones:

From the abundant and diverse epipelagic (sunlight) zone at the water's surface, down to the sunless abyss, we'll slowly sink down in our submersible to the very bottom of the sea floor.

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The Unique Creatures of the Deep:

From the mysterious vampire squid to giant oceanic wanderers like the Greenland Shark, you'll learn about the peculiar inhabitants of the deep sea that dwell in the darkness.

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Below: Two bluntnose sixgill sharks fight over a sunken whale corpse.

Towering Hydrothermal Vents:

Uncover the complex biological communities that cling to deep sea vents, relying on energy produced by chemosynthetic bacteria. These communities are ancient and well-established, home to giant tube worms, and the unique yeti crab that cultivates algal growth on its body as a source of food.

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Whale-Fall Communities:

Attend a deep sea feast at the corpse of a sunken whale, where giant sharks and wandering octopi gather to feed on the concentrated island of nutrients on the otherwise barren sea-floor.

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Find out more about the Deep Sea by viewing our Deep Sea Hub.

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